Cipango (Two Days Aberdeen Cultural Experience)

Houseboat · Aberdeen
14 ppl
Rating: 10 / 10
Code: H035

Boat Info

  • Please note that houseboat rental is not for living aboard purpose, you can rent the whole houseboat for leisure purpose ONLY
  • Perfect for party and houseboat experience
  • Max 14 ppl
  • Oriental-style 65ft houseboat – 3 floors of living area (~2,100 sq ft)
  • Cozy living room and dining area
  • Well-equipped open kitchen
  • Spacious front deck for breakfast & coffee
  • Perfect balcony for sunset
  • Complimentary tickets for 1-hour “Aberdeen Boat Tour 1773” (based on the no. of people on board, can join on the boarding / disembarkation date)
  • 3D painting with visual impact newly added, as if you were taking a photo with the Jumbo Floating Restaurant under the sea
  • Inclusive of Seafood Boil catering (on-day freshly caught seafood), can be served by tossing and mixing fresh seafood with a distinctive Cajun sauce in a plastic bag, suitable for gathering / parties, please refer to the menu

Cipango (Cipan Guo) is the name of Japan which was first mentioned in the accounts of Macro Polo. A minimalist oriental-style houseboat blended with the element of Wood (), Bamboo () and Rattan (), creating the harmony that we have been always missing in this city.

The houseboat is located near the Aberdeen Fish Market in South of Hong Kong Island. Close to Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau (Lei Tung MTR Station). It has an authentic 360° harbour view, experiencing the sunlight and sea breeze.

There is an info pack for every guest with all important information, so that guests can freely get back and forth to the boat and travel around.

* Sampans (water taxi) run from 7am to 8pm and costs $15-20 HKD per person per ride (based on the no. of people, voyage distance, service time, etc), 

Aberdeen Boat Tour 1773 <Click Here>

Check-in under the newly added 3D painting with strong visual impact, as if you were taking a photo with the Jumbo Floating Restaruant under the sea. Remember to take instagrammable photo under our classic neon light!

Hop onboard our unique sampan boats, we will cruise through 13 different local landmarks around the charming Aberdeen fishing village. While cruising, try immerse yourself in the area’s rich culture and history, through our exquisitely designed audio guide, where you will listen to folk-tales, lullabies and narratives of the area. If you’re lucky, you may be able to witness traditional dragon boat trainings or live fish trade in action!

Seafood Boil <Click Here>

Seafood Boil originated from the southern parts of the States, known for tossing and mixing fresh seafood into a distinctive Cajun sauce. Instead of serving it in fancy settings, the Boil is often served in a bag. You are expected to enjoy the Boil with your bare hands! It is a perfect choice for gatherings, especially when you're craving for seafood and would love to get a taste of something new in town.

Charge of Houseboat Experience

Max 14 ppl
Boarding Time : 2:45pm-5:00pm ; Disembarkation Time : 11am

Seafood Boil Bundle Package <Click Here>

  • 1-2 pax + 2 Pax Seafood Boil + 2 Tour: (weekdays) $4,309 $4,181 | (weekends) $5,109 $4,957
  • 3-4 pax + 4 Pax Seafood Boil+ 4 Tour: (weekdays) $5,905 $5,730 | (weekends) $6,405 $6,215
  • 3-4 pax + 4 Pax Deluxe Seafood Boil+ 4 Tour: (weekdays) $6,285 $6,099 | (weekends) $6,785 $6,584
  • 5-6 pax + 6 Pax Seafood Boil+ 6 Tour: (weekdays) $7,391 $7,173 | (weekends) $7,891 $7,658
  • 5-6 pax + 6 Pax Deluxe Seafood Boil+ 6 Tour: (weekdays) $7,691 $7,464 | (weekends) $8,191 $7,949
  • 7-8 pax + 8 Pax Seafood Boil+ 8 Tour: (weekdays) $9,147 $8,877 | (weekends) $9,647 $9,362
  • 7-8 pax + 8 Pax Deluxe Seafood Boil+ 8 Tour: (weekdays) $9,647 $9,362 | (weekends) $10,147 $9,847

* Maximum capacity: 14 guests
* Additional guests $520 Per person (Include Houseboat and Aberdeen 1773 Audio Guided Tour, excluding Seafood). Please contact us for booking additional guests.

* Different price for different number of guests. The more people, the lower per person rate
* ”Number of guests” is the max number of persons on board at all time, NO EXTRA guest is allowed to get on board
* Children of age 2 or below will not be charged (Please notify us at least 1 day before boarding date)

* Weekday rate: Mon-Thu | Weekend rate: Fri-Sun, public holidays, holiday eves & special occasions

2 Days or More Houseboat Rental

  • Please contact us directly to get 20% off for 2 days or more houseboat rentals
    (For original prices please refer to 1 Day Rental rate)
  • For weekly / monthly rental, please contact us directly
For more package details, please contact us directly via whatsapp : +852 6859 6471
Minimum Rental Hours: 18 Hour
Maximum capacity: 14 ppl
Service Hours: ~2:45pm - 11am (+1)

Facilities and Services

  • 3 floors of living area (~2,100 sq ft)
  • 4 bedrooms : 1 king-size bed, 3 single beds
  • 2 bathrooms: main bathroom with bathtub, shower and toilet
  • Unique stylish living room: television, bluetooth speakers, board games, Netflix, Mahjong set
  • Well-equipped open kitchen : refrigerator, microwave, induction cooker, toaster, kettle, cooking utensil, tableware
  • Cutlery and glasswares : knife/fork/chopsticks, bowls/plate, jars, water glasses, wine glasses
  • Massive rooftop terrace: electric grill, outdoor table set, wooden bench for sunset
  • Chilled rear balcony – perfect balcony for sunset
  • Spacious front deck – spacious for breakfast with coffee
  • Life jackets

Sailing Area

  • Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter
  • Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter
  • Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter


Price Description

Price includes:

  • Houseboat experience
  • Aberdeen 1773 regular tickets - 1 hour sampan boat tour with audio guide with a visit to the Aberdeen Houseboat (based on the no. of people on board, can join on the boarding/disembarkation date)
  • Seafood Boil catering package, free delivery to the houseboat on the boarding date

Thing to Note:

    • Full payment is required to confirm the booking
    • Different price for different number of guests. The more people, the lower per person rate
      * ”Number of guests” is the max number of persons on board at all time, NO EXTRA guest is allowed to get on board
    • Children of age 2 or below will not be charged (please notify us at least 1 day in advance)
    • No pet is allowed on board at the moment
    • All guests should comply with the “Vaccine Pass” arrangement in Hong Kong
    • Deposit of $1,500 has to be paid upon arrival, to be returned in 3-5 working days if there is no cleanliness and damage issues after disembarkation

Important Notice

Covid 19 Special Arrangement

In the event that the restrictions imposed by the Government in response to COVID19 result in the houseboat rental becoming prohibited on the originally scheduled boarding date, we will arrange to reschedule the rental to a subsequent boarding date on the following terms:

  • If the original boarding date is on weekday, the rescheduled day must also be on weekday. If the original boarding date is on the weekend, the rescheduled day must also be on the weekend. 
  • Any difference in rental fee between the rescheduled day and the original reservation date, will not be refunded.
  • Customers may only reschedule the boarding date once, such rescheduled date to be within 6 months from the original boarding date. If the customer has not rescheduled within this period, the customer will be deemed to have forfeited 100% of the rental fee.
  • We will not accept any refund request
Terms and conditions
  • Upon reservation confirmation, any changes should be made according to cancellation/change regulation and bad weather policy.
  • Upon reservation confirmation, any extra services cancellation will not be accepted, the hirer should pay the fees according to the bill. Any extra services addition should be made 14 days before the boarding date.
  • The vessel owner owns the right to reject boarding, if the amount of passengers exceeds the vessel’s maximum capability.
  • The finalised cruising route is subjected to the weather condition on the boarding date, if any additional fee is applicable, please pay the vessel owner directly.
  • The hirer shall be responsible to meet the cost of repairing any damage caused to the yacht, and of repairing or reinstating or replacing any its parts damaged or destroyed (fair wear and tear excepted), stolen or removed during the use of the yacht.
  • Followed by the Hong Kong Ordinances, it is mandatory to have a 3rd party boat insurance coverage for your boat. But customers should take care for their own properties. Our company is not responsible for any damages or loss. Please seek for police's help if needed.
  • Extra fees may be charged due to late return.
  • Customers can purchase extra insurances if needed.

Mechanical Problems

  • If the engine fails prior to charter and cannot be repaired before boarding, the company will inform the charterer as soon as possible. An alternative vessel will be provided as quick as reasonably possible and if no vessel is available, a re-scheduled charter date will be guaranteed within 6 months of the original charter date. The customer will take possession of any and all catering on the day of the original charter, and will need to re-order for the rescheduled date.
  • If the engine fails during the charter, the Captain stall try his or her best to alleviate the problem. If this is not possible, the captain will make arrangements to take passengers back to shore. In regards to the possibility of compensation, in the form of a reduced rate additional charter date, arrangements will be made between Seayou Bookings Limited and the charterer on the first working day after the charter. The Captain's focus is the safety of the boat and its guests, and will not be responsible for any negotiations with the charterer.

Bad Weather Arrangement

  • In case of adverse weather, vessel owners will decide whether to sail or not or change the route of that day in light of the circumstances. All decision made will be based on safety.  Vessel owners reserve all rights to cancel or reroute the boat trip in terms of adverse weather conditions.
  • The boat trip will remain scheduled as usual without a refund, when:
    i) Typhoon signal 1 or Red Rainstorm Signal are hoisted; 
    ii) The higher typhoon signal is changed to typhoon signal No. 1 and Black rainstorm Signal is changed to Red Rainstorm Signal 3 hours before onboarding
    Guests shall keep close contact with the vessel owner to determine the arrangement for that day.
  • If Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above or Black Rainstorm Signal is still hoisted 3 hours before the onboarding time, the trip would be rescheduled. 

    Reschedule(for booking from April to September):
    According to the reservation vacancy, reservations from April to September can be changed to the same weekdays or weekends in or after October in the same year, and if you wish to change it to the same weekdays or weekends before October in the same year, guests may have to bear the extra fee if applied(Please contact vessel owners for details), and the difference in updating the reservation is non-refundable.

    Reschedule(for booking from October to March):
    The reservation from October to March can be changed to the same weekdays or weekends within 3 months of the original date. If you want to change it to the same weekdays or weekends after 3 months of the original date, guest may have to bear the extra fee if applied(Please contact vessel owners for details). The difference in the updated reservation is also non-refundable.
  • If the No. 3 or higher typhoon signal or Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted during the charter period, the vessel owner has the right to return earlier time than scheduled in accordance with the Hong Kong Shipping Ordinances and for safety reasons. There will be no compensation, rescheduling or refund in the remaining time.
  • In the event of cancellation or rescheduling of any charter order, food and beverage in all booking orders shall not be changed or cancelled. Due to food preparation or other factors, guest still has to bear the full cost(Please contact vessel owners for details)and pick up the food from the selected location on time.
  • All reschedule and extra fee must be completed and paid within one week, otherwise all rights will be deemed to be waived.
  • If the boat is unable to pick up passengers at the designated pier due to weather conditions of water situation, guests shall board according to the pier suggested by the vessel owner.
  • Guests can only change the reservation time once.

Cancellation Policy

  • In the case of cancellations, the deposit paid is non-refundable.
  • For cancellations and re-scheduling requests, the customer must notify Seayou Bookings Limited in writing at least 30 days before the charter day, or will otherwise be responsible for the full payment of the charter and any services booked.
  • Any changes to the booking date will be subject to administration fee.
  • Rescheduled charter dates can be changed once only, and must be for the same vessel as originally booked.
  • In the case of the charterer not arriving at the agreed upon boarding pier within two hours of the charter start time, the charter will be considered cancelled.
  • If the customer requests to return to the pier before the appointed end time or terminated the charter before charter time, no compensation and refund for the charter will be given.
  • In any case of charter cancellation or postponement, the charterer will remain responsible for all catering and drinks ordered. Seayou Bookings Limited acts only as an agent on the charterers behalf when booking external catering and drinks supplies. For any and all disruptions, the charterer will need to collect the catering and drinks, and remain responsible for their payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the sleeping arrangement if we have more than 8 persons?

A: Please be reminded that our houseboats are STRICTLY NOT for living aboard purpose. However, you are welcome to rent our houseboat for leisure purposes with your friends and family. The maximum capacity of the boat is 14 persons. Please check out our facilities on board to see if it is suitable to you.

Q2: Do we need to confirm the number of guests when making reservation?

A: We understand that you may not confirm the exact number of guest when you book the houseboat. We suggest you to book for 5 persons first, and you may add extra guests later (at least 2 days before boarding) by paying the difference.

Q3: Can I invite my friends to just come for a drink for a few hours? 

A: The booking number of guests is the total number of persons getting on board during the rental period. We DON'T ALLOW EXTRA VISITOR, even though he/she may just gets on board for a short period of time. Extra guest fee of $1,000 per person will be collected if we find out any unauthorised entry.

Q4: Is pet allowed?

A: We do love pet too, but we are sorry that we do not allow pet on board at the moment. If we change our policy, we will definitely let you know! 

Q5: Can we walk to the houseboat directly from the shore?

A: No, you need to take sampan (water taxi) to get in and out of the harbour. Having said that, it is exactly one of the key experiences you have.

Q6: Can we book the houseboat for just a few hours? Can we leave the houseboat earlier?

A: Our houseboat session is set at around 20 hours each. You can get on board from 2:45pm and leave the boat by 11am. During the rental period, you can freely get on and off the boat. Just call the sampan Auntie/Uncle to arrange the logistics. 


Q7: What are the operating times of the sampan (water taxi) and how much is it?

A: We don't run the Sampan, they are operated by Sampan Ladies/Uncle. We do try our best to arrange transportation. Sampan (water taxi) normally runs from 6am to 8pm and cost $20 HKD per trip. You can simply dial the numbers of Sampan Auntie/Uncle to arrange the pick up. However, the sampans have limited service after 8pm, there may be extra charge for the special transport arrangement when necessary.

Q8: Is there sufficient water and power?

A: Yes, we have 24 hours water and power. Water is drinkable after boiling. Please kindly turn off the electronic applicants after use and turn off all the lights and AC before you leave to avoid waste and over consumption.

Q9: Is there any Wifi ? 

A: Yes we have wifi on the houseboat. However, please understand that the network may not be as stable as your home.

Q10: Bathroom?

A: The boat has 2 fully equipped bathrooms with hot water. There are two 100% functional toilets, but please don't flush toilet paper, sanitary tissues, debris down the toilet. Trash bins are provided.


Q11: Air Conditioning?

A: Our boat is equipped with AC. Even when it is summer, you can be assured that you will be staying in a nice comfortable environment!

Q12: What to expect on the houseboat?

A: It's a houseboat, it is a unique authentic and relaxing experience. There may be noises and smells that you'd expect from a boat or the sea. It is the fishing village culture. Most of the time, it is very quiet.


Q13: Wave action? 

A: There is a reasonable amount of wave action due to other boats passing by so you'll feel a slight rock from time-to-time. This is just part of the experience of staying on a boat. Usually it does not create any inconvenience.

Q14: How's the neighborhood

A: The houseboat is located near the Aberdeen Fish Market in South of Hong Kong Island. Close to Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau (Lei Tung MTR Station). It has an authentic 360 harbour view, experiencing the sunlight and sea breeze.